About Us

Remix Youth Academy (RYA) was created out of the need to offer our community youth a well-rounded foundation in the arts, as well as, for community service. Registered youth at RYA have access to learning Music Production, Songwriting, Videography, Spoken Word, Art, and more. According to the Institute of Educational Science, a report called Critical Evidence: How the ARTS Benefit Student Achievement by Sandra S. Ruppert, describes how the study of the arts contributes to academic achievement and student success. If you’re looking for a safe, knowledgeable, and encouraging environment for youth to grow and express themselves, Remix Youth Academy is the program. For more information, contact program director, Jason Floyd.

Meet Our RYA Staff

We are so blessed to have such hardworking and dedicated support at Remix Youth Academy of Los Angeles.  Our village is a community of faith, hope, love, and encouragement.

Jason Floyd
Jason FloydRYA Program Director
Jason Floyd has been a valued Youth Coordinator of Westminster Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles for many years. He comes from a family well versed in the arts and brings to our program passion and the right amount of energy to work with our youth. His enthusiasm is contagious and a joy to work with.
Bonita Thornton
Bonita ThorntonAdministration Assistant
Bonita Thornton has worked for Northrop Grumman for several years before retiring. She currently works part-time providing exceptionally strong support and stability to the staff of Westminster Presbyterian.
Rev. Carlton Rhoden
Rev. Carlton RhodenRYA Sponsor
Pastor Carlton Rhoden has been pastoring Westminster Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles since April 2014. He brings innovation, excitement and a deep love for Christ to the congregation of WPC. Their sponsorship, let by Pastor Rhoden, has been invaluable to the youth of the community. Click to Learn More About WPC

Volunteers at RYA

Our sponsorship and volunteers from Westminster Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles are invaluable to us.  We couldn’t do it with them.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be intentional in developing creative artistic talent while teaching the benefits of outreach beyond the walls of RYA to serve the community.

Community Outreach

Youth Activities 100%
Feed the Hungry 50%